Sunday, 10 November 2013

Here we go!

Hello Everyone, finally after really much work here we go!

"Dreams Way" Fundraiser

From 11th to 30th November 2013!!

The "Dreams Way" project was created with the purpose of helping "Brigadoon Explorers" and "Dreams" Foundations, which are active in organizing various activities for people affected by A/S and autism. Further informations about these Foundations can be found here:

The agency is present in Second Life with an active avatar: Golda Stein.
All proceeds from the event will be payed on a cashier avatar named "Dreamsway Resident" created by founder of Dreams Way, Shanty Bookmite. Once the event ends all the incomes will be devolved to Golda Stein through an SL transaction.
For greater transparency, Shanty Bookmite will post on the blog ( a record of every transaction to Dreamsway Resident as well as the final transaction to Golda Stein. Each participant to the event will be able to verify the amount of each transaction and that all the proceeds will be devolved to the avatar representing the Foundations, Golda Stein.

56 stellar designer and their amazing creations exclusively realized for the event, 6 Fashion Agencies among the best in Second Life, a Miss Virtual World 2014 candidates Show and a big Final Auction is something you don’t really want to miss!


Fashion Shows:
November, 11th - 10.00 am SLT - AVENUE
November, 16th - 10.00 am SLT - MVW
November, 18th -   2.00 pm SLT - Charltina's
November, 21st -   2.00 pm SLT - Mahasiah Models Agency
November, 24th - 11.00 am SLT - Opium
November, 28th -   2.00 pm SLT - AIM
November, 30th -   1.30 pm SLT - KV Dream fashion Agency

Charity Auction:
November, 30th - 2.30 pm SLT - Charity Auction with:

1. Anna Sapphire
2. Skip Staheli
3. Dougie Boxen
4. Falbala Fairey
5. Milla Rasmuson
6. Natzuka Milliandrovic
7. Rabia Rehula
8. Riri Bazar
9. Viviana Houston
10. Cecilia Susanti

Please visit the various sections of the blog for more details about everything!!

We'll see you from 11th November: Click HERE for your LIMO to Dreams Way Sim

We stand together, will you stand with us??


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