Monday, 2 December 2013

A little speech from Golda Stein

I want to thank all of you, especially Shanty Bookmite, for taking Dreams and our group, Brigadoon Explorers, into your hearts.  I have been trying to keep The Sojourner’s Dreams alive since she died 5 and a half years ago.  In my heart, the sims still belong to Soj, as we who knew her called her.  About three years ago, through no fault of ours, we lost our outside funding and have been struggling to find resources to keep going.  Many of the regulars do not have resources to help financially, they are lucky to have the equipment to be able to log into Second Life.   About the time Shanty contacted me, I had already resigned to the fact that the first week of January, we would be having our Dragon Melt and saying good bye to Dreams.  Through your generosity, you have saved Dreams.  I am so grateful.

Brigadoon Explorers, our autistic/Asperger’s group, is our most active support group.  They have been meeting weekly for longer than I have been in Second Life.  When I talked about cutting back to one sim, they were upset to lose that which was familiar to them.  For them, you have enabled us to keep Soj’s discussion area, and Soj’s Place.

Dreams isn't just for our autistic group, but is open to everyone.  We hold monthly building contests and currently have our holiday windows and snowmen builds going on. Yes, both those on the spectrum and neurotypicals  participate on an equal level. People don't like being put into boxes and sheltered from others because of their differences. We at Dreams have proven we can be a mixed community.   Please feel free to pay us a visit at any time.

I looked at the list of people who helped with the fund raiser.  All I can say is WOW.  Thanks again.  You are all so wonderful!  This has been so amazing.  Thank you, thank you

Golda Stein


  1. So glad Dreams will be able to continue to provide the wonderful haven it has been for me and so many others. Thank you Golda, Shanty and all those who make this possible.

  2. Thanks heaps and hefty loads for keeping Dreams alive. Dreams is where I learned to build and make very good friends. Dreams is not just a sim, it is a community.

  3. Thanks so much to all for supporting this amazing place!

  4. Thank you so much!
    or in dog... m()'.'()m ~(woof!)

  5. Thanks so very much for keeping Dreams alive!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What a wonderfully successful event! Thank you from the bottom of each and every one of our hearts! I'm full of emotion at knowing our community, home and family will stay alive. *hugs hugs to all who worked so hard*

  7. It's a little difficult to tell you everything I feel. I stood there beside Golda, crying, watching the auction, I couldn't believe it. I'm one of the people who Dreams helps, I have a traumatic brain injury and brain damage. It's impossible to tell you all the care that people give me at Dreams, all the support, encouragement, even the fact that for the tiny bit of help I can give, it's something that's truly appreciated. I truly appreciate what you've all done for me, and all the people who call Dreams home. Thank you.


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